Al Ebanks showed up for me at the precinct in the middle of the night when I needed help the most. After that he guided me through the process until my crazy case was DISMISSED!! I owe him my life.

Steven R. - New York, New York

I had a desk appearance ticket that will now be sealed in 90 days. I also missed the court date and avoided being arrested on merit of a bench warrant due to Alberto, Noel, and the great staff. Very professional.

Vaughn S. - Great Service! Quick results!

I am beyond satisfied with Mr. Ebanks. He is by far the best lawyer I've ever worked with. Mr. Ebanks worked diligently on my case despite all the difficulties. His knowledge and skills were helpful in solving it within three months. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of help. He is highly competent, efficient, and professional in his work. Quite simply a great attorney and a great person with wonderful qualities. If you need a lawyer, he's your guy!

Ventura - The Best!!!

I have had the pleasure of retaining Mr Ebanks for a criminal matter and I have to say that he was very sufficient as well as readily available for any assistance that was needed . I would definitely highly recommend Mr Ebanks for his services to anyone I might encounter in need of legal representation.

Linda - Mr Ebanks

Mr. Ebanks has provided me with excellent representation during various cases that I have been involved in. Mr. Ebanks is very competent in all aspects of the law. Mr. Ebanks will go the extra mile to get a good outcome for your case. Highly recommended.

Wen - Outstanding Lawyer

I was falsely accused of a criminal act by my ex-spouse during a contentious divorce. Alberto put on a rigorous defense and helped present evidence that completely exonerated me. The DA had offered several plea bargains that would have made the case go away faster, but all would have involved a blemish on my record for something that I was not guilty of. Alberto recognized the injustice in that and continually pointed this out to the prosecution. His tenacity caused more senior DAs to get involved in reviewing the evidence. They ultimately dropped the charges completely. Thank you Alberto!

W.C. - Alberto is the best!

Mr. Albert Ebanks is the best in the business. He has great relationships with all parties and knows the law inside out. He will not take your money just to take it, and he goes into each and every case with pure intentions of winning. Nothing less. He is absolutely worth every dime; I've been through a lot, trust me, but he is the best in the business.

Gary - I could have never asked for a better lawyer. Very attentive and makes sure he has time for his clients

I was facing a seasoned prosecutor who wanted to serve me. I was facing 8-25 years. Al knew there was something wrong with the DA's grand jury presentation. The judge ordered an incamera inspection and dismissed the indictment on Al's motion. The DA scampered out with the proverbial tail between the legs. Mr. Ebanks is an intellectual with compassion and drive. I recommend his services across the board!

Vito - Soaring Legal Eagle

A few years ago a family member of mine was in desperate need of immediate legal representation in Federal issue. I knew we had a big problem and I was completely uneducated and inexperienced in seeking legal help. Neither myself or any of my family members had ever been in trouble or needed legal help of this magnitude. Essential Legal Representation was in need IMMEDIATELY.

John - Seeking Essential Legal Representation

I have no words to describe him. He is an amazing and humble person. He is fighting my case and calls me to check up on to see if I am okay. No one does that but him. No matter what happens in the future, I just want to say you are The BEST. And if you are reading this, based on my experience, go to him before any other lawyer. After you will find out yourself that how good he is.

Ali - You need a lawyer that cares

Alberto Ebanks is an outstanding attorney. He helped me tremendously, more so than I ever could have imagined. He handled all aspects of my case with compassion, respect and immense competence. He is a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer who truly fights for his clients best interest. I highly recommend Alberto Ebanks to anyone looking for a fantastic lawyer.

Anonymous - Exceptional Lawyer

When I needed a lawyer who would listen, care, and defend me, Mr. Ebanks is that person. His professionalism and understanding was beyond what I could hope for. My mom and I would highly recommend him.

Adrian - Amazing job

An outstanding individual with an amazing sense of customer service. Alberto Ebanks has helped me so much. Not just in the court room but as well as my life. He guides you through any process with the utmost sincerity. This is the attorney you need!

Rafael - The search ends here!

Al Ebanks is by far the best lawyer I have ever used in my life. Not only does he have high profile clients, but he also is there for the everyday man like myself. When I first met him I could tell immediately that he was going to do his best for me. Just like I thought, he did. He made me feel at ease. I knew that everything was going to be okay. He should write a book, like a go-to guide for other lawyers on how to do things right. There is no way that I will ever use another lawyer ! ! !

Rob K. - The best lawyer I have ever seen.

Al helped me through the most trying situation I have ever faced, someone till this day I will still call and remember years later when someone mentions needing a good attorney! I will be forever grateful and thank him for his advice , consulting and confidence in my case and situation. He is great at what he does and is overall a great person. Will always recommend and appreciate his efforts !!

Binish M - 5 Stars